Sunday, May 6, 2007

Oryx & Crake

Yesterday was my birthday. Today I finished reading "Oryx & Crake" by Margaret Atwood, one of my favorite authors; brilliant, witty, ironic. I had a signed copy from 2003 on my bookshelf that I just now got around to reading. A good day is having the whole day to read, with a break for writing, lunch, and more reading, followed by a good movie. "All best wishes" she writes, and that's what I think about for the start of a new year.

Latest poetry? "Autobiography of Red" by Anne Carson (hence the name of this blog) and Donald Hall....saw both of them on two separate events at the College of St. Ben's in St. Cloud in mid-April. Anne's lecture was composed of 14 sonnets, with visuals of dance and her taped voice. Brilliant. Donald was visited by 'the girls' our poetry group. I've been receiving birthday cards in the mail. I've been calling my friends out of state to say thanks. Auntie M from Connecticut (Bennington) and Gina in Washington, D.C. Good to hear their voices. When will I have time to visit? Corporate jobs have no sense of vacation time needed for an artist.

Wishes for the year ahead.........more writing in my work, poetry is everywhere.

Movies: I'm still working my way through Woody Allen. Can't go wrong, most of what he writes and films has an underlying message spiced with humor. Friday night I saw "Alice" with Mia Farrow at her best. She is married to Jeff Bridges in the movie, has an affair, has fun being 'invisible' with special herbs (what would you do if you could be invisible for a few hours?) and winds up doing what her heart tells her to do.

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