Wednesday, July 16, 2008

round and red and ripe

It must be summer. I have my first ripe tomato! Okay, this is a big deal since it's the first one on my balcony for my new place. Figure in the plant (purchased from the farmer's market downtown), soil, pot and lots and lots of daily watering. That small tomato will be well worth it on the next salad. Sigh....

Here is a poem called MAY that I have on a postcard

This will be the season
in which time stretches before us
like the recesses of space itself,
the season in which leasure
swells like a slow tomato,
until it's round and red and ripe.

--from Verlyn Klinkenborg's "The Rural Life"

A rural girl at heart living in the city, that's me.

What are the other signs of summer?

Should I mention the gin and tonics at twilight with my "intimate other"? (I found that term in a textbook - like it) Azure sky, full moon, planet Mars - the moon moved from one side of the church steeple to the other in the space of a couple hours as we sat on my balcony.

Reading "Russian Mythology" outside. Reading anything outside.

Playing hooky from work. Dang, have to go in shortly. Planning the next vacation.....

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