Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 6 - 30 Dec 2010 -Living with the Mountains

Good to see the mountains again! The Sandias are named that way, watermelon, because of the sunlight reflecting on them. The overcast clouds reminded me of Minnesota, and there was a snow shower earlier today but it didn't last long. Seems like I wait an hour or two and the weather changes. Windy also, saw a tumbleweed blowing across a city street. (Photo: Albuquerque highway heading west)

I was out apartment hunting and am getting a feel for the market and what I can get for my money. Driving around a lot to check out areas and taking lots of photos so I remember what everything looks like. One place I really like so far, so when something becomes available in April I'll be prepared! I definitely need a 2 bedroom, for my office and a guest room. Most places here have washer/dryers in the units and are separated buildings grouped outside so you have your own outside entrance. Rental notices are 30 days (state law only requires 30 vs. 60) No garages needed for me, I can do a carport if I want to keep the sun off the car in the summer.

I also met my writing coach and friend, Demetria Martinez for brunch at Mannie's on Central Avenue (near the U of NM and Nob Hill area). It's a great local hangout. She grew up here and is giving me lots of writing contact ideas. I will have no problem becoming involved in the writing community here. The poetry scene is very non-academic, outside of the universities, which I like. It is free-flowing and has room for growth. I am losing track of what day it is, and that tomorrow is New Year's Eve. I probably will spend the night in my hotel room watching something on the limited cable. It's cold here, in the 30's but no snow on the ground makes it feel warmer, and it's still a heck of a lot better than being in piles and piles of Minnesota snow. It is cloudy now, but the sun peeked out even a bit for today. The sun improves my mood immensely. New Mexico is one of the sunniest states in the nation. I am still very tired, all this driving around and reading maps is exhausting. Watching the weather channel is also tiring, as I'm deciding what day to leave and the best route home. I probably wouldn't have left at all if I knew the weather was going to be this crazy but some things I have to do regardless. I am feeling good about this trip and being here, getting things done I need to do. I stopped at Whole Foods - there are no co-ops here (guess people have tried, or there are natural food stores, but hey I'm spoiled with the Wedge) to pick up a snack for my hotel room. Wine is sold at the grocery store, convenient. Prince was playing in the background music - our local boy makes good. Minnesota is always in my blood to remind me where I come from and my history. New Mexico helps me with my future.

New Year's Eve brings a full moon - I will see what the sky is like and maybe I'll be able to see it. This trip and moving is a gift to myself, a resolution for the New Year.

The photo below has the New Mexico flag in the distance, looking out a bedroom window, an empty room, full of new possibilities.........who knows where I will go with my writing and connections when I come here. Safe travels to all - physically, mentally and spiritually - as you prepare for the turn around the corner, the coming of the new year, a time for celebration and reflection.

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Sylvia K Secrest said...

hey Jules! GREAT life journey you have chosen to create for YOU! change do it NOW be FREE transport oh yea be SUN warm windy SEE you soon in NMex when you settle and i will see my NM cousins Balloon Biz fly over space time for you yay! Happy 2011 transit you Mask Person Sylvia K Secrest