Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Women of the Mighty Midway

"During a campaign stop in July at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, presidential hopeful John McCain talked about issues and spoke off the cuff about his wife, Cindy McCain. One of the rally's 'high points' is its Miss Buffalo Chip Beauty Pageant, which boasts female contestants who are topless or dressed in bikinis, engaging in simulated sex acts. McCain told the cheering bikers, "I encouraged Cindy to compete. I told her with a little luck she could be the only woman ever to serve as First Lady and Miss Buffalo Chip." From The MN Women's Press and

The above photo - taken by me at that great Minnesota get-together, the State Fair midway, is perfect, don'tcha think? Love the revolver. Come visit the mighty Midway, Mr. McCain, maybe it will get you in touch with working adults and roaming kids of the midwest. Concessions were a bit slow, money is a bit tight this year. So now, besides being out of touch with any middle class reality at all (how many homes do you and your wife own, now, really?) your beer heiress wife might just strap you down after that remark. I'm all for sexual power in women, but not in your degrading fashion.

I've been watching the DNC - my few times with the tube. Michelle and Hillary, the Democratic party (despite our differences) inspire hope - giving back to the people. Republicans promote fear, selfishness and tax-cutting plans that backfire on the economy.

This week is the 88th anniversary of women's right to vote. August 26 was Women's Equality Day. No one seems to notice much anymore that the Equal Rights Amendment never passed. Walking through the MN State Fair midway, I know it's fake, but I let myself be taken away by the illusions anyway. The music, the flash - this is more real than the 'real' world, that American Dream that seems so out of reach for most Americans. Try your luck at winning a prize, a giant stuffed toy or a job. Work hard and be rich! No one gets rich on a day job, it isn't going to happen, people. Forget about the tax cuts that are above your income level. Obama is proposing a cut to the payroll tax. That will affect you more than any Republican tax cut ever will unless you're earning over a million a year or so....It's like that chance to win the lottery. Your chances are unbearably slim, and even if you win, statistics show that most people are back to where they started income wise within a decade or so. So why not accept where you are and live in the real world.
I prefer this mighty warrior image - she is self-sufficient and powerful. She is definitely putting some cracks in the glass ceiling.

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