Sunday, April 7, 2013

Poem A Day #6

Plan B

America celebrates Sacajawea's birthday on a silver dollar
forgot she was kidnapped at ten, bought by her French-Canadian trapper husband
as one of his two wives, saved the men's lives and received no monetary payment
only to die of fever at 23, her two children adopted by Clark.

Today a federal judge struck down age limits on the morning-after pill
so now any age girl or woman can control what happens in her body
with a simple trip to the drugstore plucked off the shelf.

Would Sacajawea had taken the pill if she could? Would she have been sold as a child
slave and future bride to bear children and used to navigate, a symbol of peace
trapped in patriarchy? A silly question for that time when women were property of men.

It's better now but not a lot when women worldwide have to bear their breasts
in protest for women's rights, where the breast still gets attention for being seen in public
whether nursing or for expressing love or hate -  those  motherly, sexy, beautiful breasts
and vaginas that keep women under the still oh so invisibly there glass ceiling.
Yes we've come a long way, baby but we still haven't passed the ERA
we are working on equal marriage rights for all and Plan B is sitting on a teenager's dresser.

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