Sunday, April 28, 2013

Poem of the Day #27

Leave Me Alone says Daisy Kenyon played by Joan Crawford

"Leave me alone!" she says
and the phone keeps ringing
old-fashioned brrrrringggg.....
solid and steady that won't stop
until she picks it up
and says "you're not listening!"

Two men want to possess her
they don't understand how she could want neither,
a woman alone with her career in the 1940's.

Alone at the Cape in winter
the two men still pursue her
their needs stronger than hers
an attorney's conquest
a troubled veteran's imaginary love
she wants the ringing to stop,
she wants to get on with her life,
make her own plans.

She is always the other woman
competing with a wife, one alive, one dead.
She wants to be her own woman now
and almost is
until Hollywood prescribes the woman-must-get-married ending.

Joan, I love your face and your woes
preserved in film noir
you are gorgeous, dark and beautiful
as you play the part
of Daisy with her still-husband walking in the door.
You have that second martini
and toast your make-believe marriage.

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