Monday, April 15, 2013

Poem of the Day #15

Starry Night
a  birthday wish
at the Starry Night
aVan Gogh washes over walls
a blue guitar and two women
sing sweet like crows
musical birds
spring is a bird
fluttering like a candle-on-a cake wish
all is not dark despite wishes of Blake's crow
aurora borealis might seize the night
"your text is spare" sings the young woman
Joe's still a-playin' unto empty pockets, his back to the wall
no bluebirds on these walls
crow is darkbird
white owl speaks to the woman
the birthday boy makes a wish
that tonight might be the night
where the crows
fly north the crow
speaks knocking on the wall
another starry night
where the birds
run the show wishing
they were women
with wings women
who can crow
out another wish
their backs to the wall
the man looks to the birds
on a bottle of Dirty Nighttime
beer is content spending his night
with the precious woman
of his dreams who is a bird
in disguise the black crow
of Poe or maybe hidden in the wall
with George Sand a wish
for a birthday night a wish for birds
together Crow Woman and Bird Man
no walls or texts between them

Happy Birthday John at the Starry Night Cafe, Rochester, NY April 13, 2013
John wrote lines 9 through 12
sestina by Jules Nyquist

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